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Cyber attack labs & simulations


Web security is not magic – every developer can and must learn it. A hands-on CSA approach is the best way to develop these skills.


How? You have two options: a continuous training where developers get cyber skills and keep them up to date and / or get your web developers and take part in a live cyber attack simulation - the ultimate test of your defense skills.

Vulnerability labs

Kibernetinio saugumo mokymai simuliacijos

Cyber siege

Kibernetinio saugumo mokymai simuliacijos

What is it? A story-based game is rolled out over the year. Every month developers spend an hour in a simulator solving a cyber puzzle. If the challenge is too hard they train in labs and try again.

Who should attend? Developers


# Quick learning - CSA Cyberlab is the most efficient way to learn cyber security. A realistic simulated hands-on method is by far the most appropriate way to learn something that’s always changing.

# Up-to-date skills - you are able to step against the newest threat vectors.

# Fun - learning doesn’t have to be boring - the CSA Cyberlab is an exciting game-based environment.


# A single module / month - 50 Eur.

# All modules / year – 500 Eur

What is it? Your mission is to keep your applications up and running. Ruthless attackers use every vulnerability to bring you down. Learn how to fix the code and mitigate attacks.

Who should attend? Developers and developer teams


How does this work?

1. Beginning. You  will open the game and we will give you real servers and real networks.

2. Attack. In a few minutes you’ll find that your systems are being attacked.

3. Action. You have to act fast - open logs, find the attacks and fix the vulnerabilities.


# Discover your talent - this is a unique opportunity toshow your cyber security talent and advance your career.

# Assess your skill level  - you will know how to act dusing a cyber crysis and what steps to take to effectively handle a cyber attack. 

# Fun - team simulations is not only an effective way to train but it is also extremely fun. 

What will I learn?

You will gain the skills required to protect your web apps from OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities and additionally will improve your development strategies in accordance to the DevOps culture.


# SQL injection
# Path Traversal
# Command Injection
# XSS: Reflected
# XSS: Stored
# Cookie Security: HttpOnly
# Cookie Security: Secure
# Insecure Direct Object References
# Cross-Site Request Forgery
# Unrestricted File Upload


# User Management
# Security Introduction
# HTTPS Security​
# Working with files and folders

Game on!

Let all the vulnerabilities break loose!

Thank you, your message is underway and we will contact you shortly.

Thank you, your message is underway ans we will contact you shortly.

We recommend that you...

Have experience with bach commands and PHP basics.

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